ORCA points series

Overview of the ORCA points series


The ORCA points series for 2011 will consist of the following classes:

High portsmouth – H16, Dart, H17, H18, Nacra 5.5 etc
Low portsmouth – F18, F17, F16, Taipan etc.
Scoring and Fleets

Each ORCA points event will have 2 starts of which one is high portsmouth and the other is a combination of F18 and low portsmouth.

The F18 class will be scored in the low portsmouth fleet and also in their own fleet.

This is a compromise since there are a number of boats that are in the low portsmouth fleet but if the f18s sail exclusively in their own fleet then there won’t be enough boats for a low portsmouth start.


The following events are ORCA points events for 2011:

Ice Breakers – May 21/22 BYSC LaSalle Burlington
Water Rats – June 25/26 Water Rats Toronto
TMCC – July 9/10 Toronto Multihull
BUMS – August 20/21 Burlington Beach Burlington
Ben Hur – September 24/25
There are other events on the schedule that are not ORCA points events and there are a variety of reasons why they aren’t such as:

non-standard course layout
logistical problems that prevent good attendance
distance (prevents good attendance)
hobie only

Other rules:

If you give up racing in order to run or help a short staffed event then you get a first place points score, but only for 1 event per year.