Around PEC 2011 overview

This event takes place on Lake Ontario, and sails around the island county of Prince Edward. The race is about 200km in length over three days. Each leg is about 4-5 hours in good wind, and 7-8 in light wind. The “County” as it is referred to is situated a one hour drive west of Kingston, where CORK is held and where the 76 Olympic sailing events were held.. The wind funnels down the length of Lake Ontario and gives above average consistent wind.

The event is open to multihulls of any size with the largest fleet being the F18 fleet. As well we typically have a big boat class with Farriers/Corsairs/Stilettos. This is the most liked multihull event in Ontario and this will be our 8th year.

Prince Edward County is a very popular vacation spot with fantastic beaches, wineries, many artists galleries and great restaurants. There are lots of things to do for non-sailing “shore crew”.

A map of the area and course is here. Updated course

Historical Background

This part of Lake Ontario is the crossroads of the Great Lakes. To the east we have the St. Lawrence river and the Rideau Canal to Ottawa, and the Oswego Canal on the south side of the lake. To the west we have the Trent-Severn Canal which joins Lake Huron and Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario, and also the Welland Canal which joins Lake Ontario to Lake Erie.

As such, Prince Edward County has a very rich maritime history. French and English explorers plied the waters as early as the 1600s. The French established a mission in 1668. The United Empire Loyalists arrived in the area after the American Revolution and the land was surveyed and given out in parcels by King Edward III. Prince Edward was the son of King Edward.

The area to the east between The County and Kingston is know as the Great Lakes Triangle; the highest concentration of unexplainable ship disappearances anywhere else in the world, even more than the Bermuda triangle. Recently it was discovered that there are major magnetic anomalies in the region.

Another interesting historical note is that the local Bay of Quinte Yacht Club challenged for the America’s Cup in 1881 with the Atalanta. That failed attempt prompted a rule change to only allow yachts to compete which were from salt water based clubs.

Around PEC 2011

Around Prince Edward County 2009 long distance race will be upon us shortly. This is THE premier long distance cat race on the great lakes. If you have never done it then you have really missed something special. It is the most fun event of the year, by far. Much more relaxing than an around the marks race. Some of the best scenery around and FANTASTIC wind conditions. This is more of an adventure than a race. Its a 3 day event that covers about 250km.

Each leg is designed so that even with minimal wind (5 knots) the legs won’t be too long, 3-5 hours typically. Big multis are welcome.